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Checking in with Broome County parks following Wednesday's storm

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(WBNG) -- All the change in weather this winter has had quite the impact on snow activities in the Southern Tier. 

Some parks in Broome County closed Wednesday because of the big snow storm. 

"We actually closed places like Otsiningo Park, Roundtop Park, basically for the safety of the public," Matthew Gawors, the Director of Broome County Parks, Recreation, and Youth Services, said.  

Parks in Broome County have been hit by both unexpectedly warm temperatures and unmanageable snow this winter. 

Greenwood Park in Lisle had to shutdown its snowshoeing and skiing operations a couple weeks ago, but Thursday they opened back up. 

"I love cross country skiing, been doing it for 40 years," Joe Wolfer, of Binghamton said. "It's beautiful. It's not as packed down as it could be, but it's beautiful conditions."

He's not letting anything, including the fact that he's on oxygen, stop him when the weather allows for a good skiing day. 

"I love it. On a good year I get out 40 to 50 times a winter," Wolfer said. 

There's a lot that goes into taking care of the parks, still park leaders are glad to be able to provide this service for the community. 

"We have to get there, we have to salt, we have to shovel, we have to plow," Gawors explained. "There's just a lot of people out there. There was some people who go sledding, there's some people who go out for a hike in the woods."

Wolfer says there's something special about being outside this time of year.

"There's nothing like it, I mean it's euphoric. I just love the solitude in the woods in the air, people think it's drab, but it's not if you look closely."

As he hopes to continue to enjoy winter in the Southern Tier. 

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