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Owner of horse lost in Tioga County fire thankful for community support

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BARTON (WBNG) -- We're learning more about the Tioga County fire that killed several animals.

A horse and several hens died when flames tore through the barn fire early Monday morning. Fire investigators are still working to determine the cause of the fire that destroyed the barn at 903 Oak Hill Road.

"The barn caught fire, I was in the house sleeping." Johanna Cooper, who lives in the home. "I ran out and the barn was already fallen and it was all flames."

She's been fighting a cold, and got woken up to a banging on her door as people became aware of the fire.

"I looked for my horse, that was the first thing I did was run around the pasture looking for chance man and couldn't find him," Cooper explained. "I was hoping he had just bolted, I mean the back of the barn was open."

Chance, her horse, didn't make it.  

"My chance didn't, they found his body in the morning, and so yeah that was bad and I lost my hens, my chickens, a rooster," Cooper, said. "I don't know what caused it, and I don't know why, they said where Chance, my horse, where his position was, he almost made it out, which breaks my heart."

Cooper says the support from the community is helping her get through this. 

"A lot of crying, that's pretty much what I've been doing, people have been really supportive though neighbors and you know just through Facebook and social media and stuff," Cooper added. 

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She is still trying to come to terms with what happened.

"I feel like if I had gotten up when I heard the dogs bark the first time, I maybe could have done something," Cooper said. "It may not just be a possum that they're barking at out there you know, which is what I thought, and I regret not dragging myself out and seeing what was going on."

Cooper said she did have heating equipment in the barn to keep the animals warm. She says all her equipment had been safely secured. 

A GoFundMe has been started to help Cooper. 

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