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Binghamton University professor: 'opposites don't attract'

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VESTAL (WBNG) -- Valentine's Day is Wednesday and there's a good chance you may have heard of the saying opposites attract, but a Binghamton University professor disagrees. 

Matthew Johnson, a psychology professor and the department's chair, recently published an article. In it, he says opposites don't attract. 

"We prefer similarity over differences and definitely prefer similarities over opposites," explained Johnson. "There is just no evidence that they do that."

He also finds a common thread among people. 

"There's a really basic human need to be with people who are like ourselves," added Johnson. 

He continues to explain if a person is with someone not really like them, it could hurt the relationship. 

"Initially you might find aspects of it attractive and interesting," said Johnson. "It's more difficult to maintain those types of relationships. It brings more stress to the relationship."

One couple from Hillcrest begs to differ. 

"Not everybody is alike and you just have to appreciate the differences and each other and listen," said Rosemary Rounds. "I think opposites can attract."

Rounds and her husband Tom have been married for nearly half a century. 

"We have opposite characteristics and similar characteristics," said Tom. "Just like Rosemary said you make it work. Give or take."

Johnson says for the Rounds', they may be an exception. 

"As couples spend more time together they start to in fact compliment each other," said Johnson. 

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