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Hometown Tourist: Roberson Museum and Science Center

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We're starting a new segment called hometown tourist where we bring you to interesting and fun places around the area. Our first segment is at Roberson Museum and Science Center taking a look at two new exhibits, Nature Trek and Nature's Best Photography.

"Nature Trek is a project that started years ago. It's years in the making and it is a permanent exhibition space for us, so this will be here for a while. I think it was, it sort of came to fruition because one of our existing collections. Our collection of mounted specimens, which is essentially taxidermied animals, is the biggest collection that we have here, it's called the Loomis collection named after Lee Loomis who donated all of his specimens to the museum and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of specimens. So we were really looking for a way to utilize some of the collection that we already have in place and as a science center having a nature exhibition seemed like the best way to do it," explained Executive Director, Michael Grasso.

Nature's Best Photography is a collection that the museum purchased. The exhibit is also on display at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. The photographs are award-winning photographs. The photographs are large scale and gives you an enormous amount of detail. 

Both exhibits opened on February 16. Roberson Museum and Science Center is located on 30 Front Street in Binghamton. You can see more online or for information call (607) 772-0660.

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