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Following JC school threat, police chief urges teens to think before posting online

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- A 15-year-old male from Binghamton was taken into custody by Johnson City police Tuesday morning following a threat of a school shooting. 

Police tracked a threat made on social media Monday night back to the teen's IP address. He was arrested before school began on Tuesday morning. 

The suspect does not attend Binghamton or Johnson City Schools, but Johnson City Police Chief Brent Dodge said he was on social media with students from Johnson City. 

Chief Dodge said the threat made had no real danger to students. He told 12 News, "He had no access to firearms, the threat was not credible it was simply made to cause a panic and it did succeed with that."

Although the threat was not credible, situations like these are still taken seriously by police. Dodge urges students to think before posting on social media. 

"I would like especially young people that would be inclined to say something on social media that they don't mean it's really imperative they understand the gravity of the situation. They may think it's a harmless prank but it's not. It's not a joke. It takes up a lot of the school resources, it takes a lot of our resources and it is in fact a felony level crime," said Dodge. 

School resumed on Tuesday despite concern from parents. Dodge said in situations like these, if the threat is identified he prefers to keep schools open so the person behind the threat doesn't win.

"I felt confident that we had identified the source of the threat and at that point we had neutralized it and it wasn't credible and that students were absolutely safe to go to school that day," he added.

The suspect was charged as a juvenile with making a terroristic threat. He was released to a parent pending further action by Broome County Family Court. 

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