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PHOTOS: McDonald's employees help stranded New York family during snow storm

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GIBSON, Pa. (WBNG) -- A New York family found themselves in a difficult situation Friday during the snowfall.  A mom traveling with her two kids was stuck in traffic, with a car running out of gas. 

Jessica Myers and her two daughters were making their way from Fort Drum, New York to Central Pennsylvania. The snow was so bad parts of I-81 closed.  

"The weather was so bad that traffic got shut down, we were stuck on the interstate for four and half hours without moving at all, we thought that we were gonna end up sleeping on the interstate," Myers, of Fort Drum, said. "After about four and half hours, traffic started moving, we got to the first exit, and there was a state trooper that made all the vehicles pull off into the small town of Gibson."

Myers wound up in a McDonald's parking lot. 

"There was only one hotel for the entire town, and all of the rooms were full. They couldn't fit anybody else," Myers added. 

Myers was prepared to spend the night in the car with her girls. McDonald's employee Mykela Huber saw her in the parking lot, and asked if she could help. 

"We were trying to keep up with the snow removal outside, and I happened to see the lady pull up to the gas pumps," Huber, a store manager, said.  "I saw the mom get out and I was like everything okay, and she was like, 'well can I get gas,' and I was like, 'unfortunately not. We don't have any electricity,' and she was like, 'oh my daughter's are in the car they've been in the car for 8 hours now.'"

All the employees were quick to take action. 

"We set up cardboard boxes on the floor so it was kind of like a sleepover, and we were just telling the girls different stories, trying to keep them calm 'cause it was dark in here," Huber explained. 

The gesture is something that won't soon be forgotten by Myers. 

"To just see somebody who would go so far out of their way and inconvenience themselves and give to my kids, instead of making themselves more comfortable. It was just a heartwarming experience," Myers said.  

It's something both call a learning experience, in the kindness of strangers. Both the women say they plan to keep in touch and are already friends on Facebook. 

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