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Two of three disabled tractor-trailers on I-81 in Broome County removed Monday

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BARKER (WBNG) -- Three tractor-trailers were left abandoned on a highway in Broome County after last Friday's snow storm. Crews were on scene Monday to remove two of them. 

There was a lane closure between Castle Creek and Whitney Point on Interstate 81 northbound Monday morning.

Workers from Rick and Rich Towing LLC were on site to dig out the tractor-trailers out of the snow. 

Heavy Equipment Recovery Operator Rick Corcoran says he wasn't surprised to see the vehicles stuck on the side of the road. 

"I kind of figured with the road conditions, the speed that everybody was traveling, there was going to be a few," said Corcoran. 

He said this isn't the first time he's stumbled across something like this.

"We see it a lot, especially during the winter and the spring," said Corcoran. "When the ground is soft, trucks pull over and ground gives way."

The Department of Transportation says the tractor-trailers weren't removed last Friday because it would have been unsafe. 

Officials say that many DOT crews were out plowing snow during Friday's snow storm and wanted to complete Monday's work after a high-peak travel time. 

Monday morning crews were on scene for three hours removing two tractor-trailers. 

The lane closed on the highway opened back up again Monday afternoon. 

"Good communication and everybody just worked together to get the job done," added Corcoran. 

Beginning at 9:30 Tuesday, travelers can expect to see another lane closure on Interstate 81 southbound, while crews remove the third tractor-trailer. It'll be right before the Castle Creek exit. 

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