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Pizza-lovers rejoice: 'Pie Tops II' shoes order pizza, pause TV for you

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(WBNG/CBS) -- You know the old saying: if the shoes fits... order pizza with it?

That's what Pizza Hut is offering to customers. For the second year, in honor of March Madness, the pizza giant is offering the so-called "Pie Tops."

The shoes, which the company says are the first and only shoes that order pizza at the push of a button, are a collaborative effort between Pizza Hut and the Shoe Surgeon, a sneaker designer. 

This year's iteration does boast some upgrades. It comes in two colors (red and wheat), will be made in expanded sizes for women and teens, and even pauses live TV.

The Pie Tops II have Bluetooth technology built in. That links the shoes to the user's phone and Pie Tops app, allowing them to order pizza. The shoes also connect to the TV via the customer's applicable cable provider.

Representatives with the company say the shoes are all about creating the best game-watching environment as possible.

“The Pie Tops II were created to showcase our focus on giving customers the best delivery experience while making sure that tournament fans can feed their pizza craving without missing a moment of the action,” said Zipporah Allen, Chief Marketing Officer for Pizza Hut. “It’s called March Madness for a reason. We don’t want anyone to miss a play while answering the door to get their pizza.”

50 pairs of Pie Tops will be available for the public to purchase online, starting the week of March 19.

More information about additional pairs will be released later on Pizza Hut's social media accounts.

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