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Former Sanmina employees find jobs, some get extensions

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OWEGO (WBNG) -- Hundreds of people gathered Tuesday at the Owego Treadway Inn looking for employment opportunities.

Tioga County is still recovering after one of its largest employers, Sanmina, announced more than 300 people would be losing their jobs this year. 

More than 100 employers were on hand to help those searching for a job. 

"We are telling people to take a look at what everybody has to offer," said Sheri McCall of the Tioga Employment Center. "You don't want to pigeon hole yourself into one job."

Events like this one have proven to be beneficial. A "Sanima specific" job fair helped land 60 of the company's former employees a new job last December, according to McCall.

"We have been working one-on-one with Sanmina impacted workers," she said. "They have all the information to come to the job fair today." 

In December, 274 employees were given 90 day notices. According to McCall, several Sanmina employees will be staying on a little longer.

"Some have been extended out a couple months," she said. 

12 News has reached out to Sanmina to learn more about the job extension.

Despite the Sanmina announcement, unemployment in Tioga County remains below the state average rate of 5.3 percent. 

According to the New York State Department of Labor's latest study, Tioga County has the lowest unemployment rate in our four-county viewing area. It includes Broome (5.6 percent), Chenango (5.8 percent) and Delaware (5.7 percent) counties.

If you missed Wednesday's job fair, you can learn more about employment opportunities here.

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