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SUNY Broome addresses bed bugs found on campus, students react

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DICKINSON (WBNG) -- SUNY Broome officials say they have taken steps to remedy the situation after bed bugs were found on campus in two separate instances.

Director of Health and Safety Joe O'Connor said the first reported incident ocurred in the counseling center of the Student Services building. 

"The first reported incident was a single bug that was found on a student's backpack," he said. 

University officials said the bug apparently jumped from a student to the carpet.

O'Connor said the second incident happened in the Old Science Building. 

"Again a single bug that was found on a soft chair within our digital lounge," he said.

He said upon an exterminator was brought in to clean the area, "we called in a professional exterminator and he inspected the area and he treated the areas where the single bugs were found in both locations. Additionally, all the soft furnature in the lounge was removed."

He said no more bed bug incidents have been reported. 

Some students said they are still afraid. 

"That's a scary thing to think about," said sophomore Edwich Noel. 

 "I just personally think it's nasty," said Human Services major Tarea Burton, "people aren't as clean as they should be so I feel like people could be bringing bed bugs in." 

O'Connor said there is not a lot the school can do to prevent the bugs. 

"They can be found anywhere. It's not a matter of cleanliness, it's just something that's I don't want to say potential hazared because they don't spread disease, they're more of an annoyance," he said. 

While Burton said any report of bed bugs makes her re-think cleaning habits. 

"It makes me want to go home, makes me want to clean, makes me want to wash my shower, makes me want to shake out my clothes when I go to other people's house. Bed bugs are just disgusting," she said. 

The school said if you see any sort of pest issue to contact the Campus Public Safety Office at (607) 778-5083. 

The college sent the following letter to faculty and staff on Wednesday:

Recently, there have been numerous inquiries about the presence of bedbugs on the SUNY Broome campus. To alleviate campus-wide concerns, while there have been two separate, isolated instances over the past few weeks where bedbugs have been found, in both cases, appropriate steps were taken to remedy the matter and eliminate the pest.

In the first instance, a bedbug was found in the counseling area in the Student Services Building.  Apparently, the bug jumped from a student to the carpet. Public Safety was subsequently notified. The carpet and furniture where the student was sitting was sprayed as well as rooms that were previously visited by the student (a pump spray was used, which is a wet spray applied directly to the affected, isolated area/material. There is no “bombing” or extensive “airborne” fumigation involved). No infestations or remnants of bedbugs were found in any of these rooms.
In the second instance (last week), a bedbug was found on the carpet of the Student Digital Lounge (Room 106) in the Old Science Building. The lounge was evacuated and closed, and the carpet and furniture were sprayed (again, using a pump spray). While bedbug remnants were found in Room 106, no infestations were present. A room adjacent to the Digital Lounge was also inspected with no bedbugs (remnants or otherwise) being found. Any cloth-covered furniture in the Digital Lounge will be discarded and any remaining furniture will be thoroughly wiped down and the carpet cleaned. The Lounge will reopen in the near future.

To assist us with our pest control and other health/safety efforts, please contact the Campus Public Safety Office at 778 5083 immediately whenever you may have a concern regarding campus safety and/or public health. Thank you for diligence with this matter.

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