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Daughter pleads guilty in Corning murder, father blamed

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CORNING, N.Y. (AP) -- An upstate New York college student charged with helping her father kill her mother has agreed to testify against him as a part of a plea deal.

Karrie Neurauter says she drove her father to her mother's home in Corning last year and distracted a younger sibling while he strangled his ex-wife. She then helped him make the scene look like a suicide and lied to police.

Neurauter pleaded guilty Wednesday to second-degree murder in exchange for a recommended sentence of 15 years to life.

The 20-year-old says her father, Lloyd Neurauter, threatened to kill himself if she did not help. She says he wanted to end his child support and alimony obligations and get custody of his youngest child.

Lloyd Neurauter is awaiting trial on a first-degree murder charge.


CORNING, N.Y. (WBNG/WENY) -- A suspect in a Corning murder in August 2017 has pleaded guilty.

According to Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker, 20-year-old Karrie Neurauter pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of her mother, Michele Neurauter.

Prosecutors say Karrie admitted to helping her father and Michele's ex-husband, Lloyd Neurauter, kill Michele at her home on Dwight Avenue. 

Baker explains Karrie says Lloyd told her in mid-August 2017 that she could either help him kill Michele or he would kill himself. She told the court Lloyd wanted to be free from the financial burden of child support and alimony, desiring custody of his youngest child. As part of her plea, Karrie said she agreed to assist in the murder plot.

Baker noted Karrie was not directly involved in Michele's murder but that she drove Lloyd to and from Michele's home, according to prosecutors. The district attorney also said Karrie disconnected electronics in the home to hide evidence of Lloyd's presence and distracting her younger sibling while Lloyd strangled Michele upstairs.

Baker explained Karrie helped Lloyd make the murder appear as a suicide and gave a false a story to investigators to cover up Lloyd's involvement.

Karrie face 15 years to life in prison as part of the plea. Baker says Karrie agreed to testify against her father at trial and she passed a polygraph test, which says shows Karrie is telling the truth.

Karrie Neurauter is in Steuben County Jail pending sentencing. Lloyd Neurauter's trial is scheduled for September 24.

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