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Johnson City agrees to plow all of Beverly Place

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- The City of Binghamton and the Village of Johnson City have formalized an agreement to plow areas that are considered to be in both municipalities. 

Wednesday, Binghamton City Council approved an agreement with the village regarding Beverly Place and a portion of Margaret Street. 

According to the agreement, Binghamton will be responsible for plowing the west side portion of Margaret Street between Floral Avenue and Division Street that lies inside the Johnson City Village limits. As part of the agreement, Johnson City will plow Beverly Place, including the portion that lies in the City of Binghamton limits. 

During a snowstorm in early February, 12 News learned that both Binghamton and Johnson City were responsible for plowing a half of Beverly Place. 

12 News spoke with residents who live along Beverly Place about the frustration of not knowing when each plow would come. 

"We are all frustrated," resident Milan Brutvan said. "I am apparently the one with the big mouth.I went through this last March with the same situation. JC came and was on the street but they would not help Binghamton people."

According to Mayor Rich David's office, this agreement was being discussed prior to our original story airing on February 9. 

You can read more about the agreement on pages 11 and 17 in the document below: 

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