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Haley Anderson believed Orlando Tercero slashed her tires, police report says

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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WBNG) -- A police report filed with the Binghamton Police Department explains a possible confrontation between the 22-year-old Binghamton University student found dead last Friday, and the suspect in her murder. 

According to a police report obtained by 12 News, Haley Anderson believed 22-year-old Orlando Tercero slashed all four of her car tires last September after a party at his home. 

The report states on September 16, 2017, Anderson and her boyfriend were leaving her home when she noticed all four of her car's tires had been slashed and were flat. Anderson told police each tire had one cut mark with about a one-inch-long slash. She told police she had just replaced her rear passenger side tire. The cost to replace each tire came to about $600. 

"Haley stated that she believed but wasn't sure, that a male named Orlando Tercero, may have been involved with the damage of her vehicle," the report states. 

"Haley stated that she and Orlando dated for a short time, and that she had gone to a party at his house, 23 Oak St, on 09/15/17. She stated that Orlando had confronted her about dating his friend, her now boyfriend, and that he got very upset and was shouting at her," the report states. "She stated that Orlando then tried to smooth everything over with her by pouring shots for her and her friends, but that he had too many drinks himself and began throwing up. Haley stated that she tried to help Orlando by getting him into bed so he could rest, and then left his apartment."

According to the report, the next morning, Anderson found the slashed tires and posted a video to Snapchat. She then received a message from Tercero saying his rear tires had been slashed too. Anderson was sent a screenshot from Tercero of messages of him asking his roommates if they had slashed his tires. 

The report states Anderson told Tercero she was going to file a police report, citing that the situation seemed suspicious, but that Tercero told Anderson he didn't think that was a good idea. 

Police never received a complaint about slashed tires from Orlando Tercero. 

During an interview with an investigator, Anderson hinted at who she thought slashed her tires. 

"While I (the investigator) deposed Haley, she advised that she believed that Orlando may have slashed her tires but that she wasn't sure, and that she did not wish to pursue charges for the damage to her vehicle at this time," the report says.

Anderson told police she would get in contact with Tercero and try to sort out the problem between the two of them.  

No further police action was taken. 

In an interview with 12 News Monday, Binghamton Police Chief Joe Zikuski made reference to this incident. 

"As far as we know there has only been one report from last September in regards to those two," Zikuski said Monday. "It was a minor disturbance where he had damaged some property of hers. It wasn't a physical thing or anything like that. It was over some argument. At the time it wasn't a big deal. If I recall I don't think she prosecuted, he paid for the damage. That was the end of that."

Tercero is wanted by Binghamton police in the killing of Anderson.

Authorities say Tercero and Anderson were both nursing students at Binghamton University.

Anderson's body was found at an off-campus residence Friday. Her death has been ruled a homicide, though police have not given details about the slaying.

Tercero fled the country last Friday for Nicaragua. He was taken into custody Tuesday in a hospital in Nicaragua where he was was treated for self-inflicted injuries, according the the Nicaraguan National Police.

Francisco Diaz is commissioner of Nicaragua's National Police. He said Tuesday Tercero was being handed over to judicial authorities. Diaz did not say whether Tercero was being represented by a lawyer in Nicaragua.

The Broome County District Attorney's Office is working on presenting charges against Tercero to a grand jury. If he is indicted, that will start the process of trying to get Tercero back to the United States to face charges. 

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