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B-Devils Sit-down: 12 games left

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- In this week's edition of B-Devils Sit-down, B-Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky joins 12 Sports Director Larry Burneal to discuss giving younger players more ice time, another John Quenneville injury update and the most improved players of the second half. 

Is there any time during the final 12 games where you'll focus a little more on development and play the young guys a little bit more?

"Yeah, no question," said Binghamton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky. "Obviously, we're not happy we're in this situation, but at the end of the day the younger guys are going to get more looks in some situations. We brought some kids in. It's kind of an opportunity to get a look at some of these guys as well, whether they are draft picks or free agents that we might want to be interested in signing next year."

John Quenneville took a big hit in Charlotte. How's he doing? Will he be on the ice Friday?

"Yeah, he'll be back." said Kowalsky. "He broke his nose. You play the game long enough, that's going to happen. Nasty hit. He wasn't expecting it at all, plus it was high, in the face. He banged up his a wrist a bit, but nothing serious. So he'll be back to his roots, back to the full cage like when you're a younger kid to protect his face, but other than that he is fine."

Who is the most improved player in the second half?

"Second half," said Kowalsky. "I'd probably have to say Blake Speers or Colton White. From the beginning to the end, they both had slow starts. Speers was in the lineup. Colton White has been up and down. Now they are both playing well. Speers' game is kind of what we expected and White has just improved. Michael Kapla, another guy that had a real slow start for us and has secured his spot in the lineup and has looked real good."

The Binghamton Devils are on the road in Rochester Friday night. Puck drops at 7:05 p.m. 

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