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Cavan Biggio grew up idolizing Tim Tebow

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - Cavan Biggio, one of the three New Hampshire Fisher Cats with former major league all-stars as fathers, is putting on a show in Binghamton. Biggio has four hits, a home run, a stolen base and three runs scored in the past two games. Biggio's dad, Craig, is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but Wednesday Cavan told 12 Sports he also idolized Tim Tebow growing up. 

"I honestly think it's really cool," said New Hampshire Fisher Cats infielder Cavan Biggio. "Growing up I was the biggest Tim Tebow fan. I've had a poster of him on my wall since I was in eighth grade. Everyday I wake up and see his poster on my wall. He was a role model of mine growing up as a big football fan. I think it's pretty cool what he is doing, especially playing against him last year. He's come a long way. His swing has gotten a lot better. You can just tell that the experience of playing a full year and then now, he's just gotten a lot better."

Tim Tebow is batting sixth for the Rumble Ponies Wednesday night. 

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