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Twin Tiers Honor Flight: World War II veteran smiles throughout trip

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(WBNG) -- Area veterans were recently honored in the Twin Tiers Honor Flight. One World War II veteran couldn't stop smiling the whole trip. His happiness made its way to the nation's capital. 

More than sixty veterans took to the sky from the Greater Binghamton Airport and headed to Washington, D.C. 

The Twin Tiers Honor Flight is a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring veterans. 

Howard Stamp, a World War II veteran, was rarely seen without a grin the entire trip. 

"It's beautiful and everybody is so darn nice," said Stamp. "They really have been. I mean they really have been. It's fabulous."

Stamp visited the National World War II Memorial for the first time last weekend.  "It's beautiful," said Stamp. "The idea of it and everything is out of this world."

He took in the scenery with awe as he remembered when he served our nation. 

"We went through Europe, came back and out of Germany figured we were going home," explained Stamp. "They had a big ole ship waiting for us."

He says it was incredible to see a place where he is honored for his sacrifices. "It's great," added Stamp. "I mean it's out of this world. It really is. Everywhere we've gone and it's been this wall all day long."

Though he says he enjoyed being at the memorial, at the same time, it was emotional. 

"Bringing tears to my eyes right now," said Stamp. "It's that personal. It's overwhelming."

On the way back home to the Southern Tier, Stamp was honored one last time at the Greater Binghamton Airport. 

Dozens of community members joined together to honor all the veterans, including him and his big smile. 

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