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Hail storms leave behind damage in the Twin Tiers to clean up

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(WBNG) -- Locals in northern Pennsylvania where the worst of the storm hit said they could not believe their eyes witnessing baseball-sized hail damage their properties.

Areas such as Harford, Pennsylvania were hit with sudden hail storms, leaving several cars with smashed windshields and pieces of homes being torn apart.

"It was scary. It was wicked," said Kandy Wellman from Harford, Pa. "It's like I'm waiting for the power to go out and run for the basement." 

Families in nearby homes said they felt unsafe even standing on their front porches. One resident, Hillary Deininger, said the windshield on her husband's new car was ruined.

"The lights were flickering," said Deininger. "Everyone in the neighborhood was basically screaming because it was so unexpected. It felt like somebody was exploding the house. It was so hard."

Even a church in Harford, Pa called the First Congregational Church of Harford was badly damaged. The trustees of the property said it's the oldest church in Susquehanna County.

Most of the windows were smashed in and glass was shattered both inside and outside the church.

"I've lived here for like 40 years and I've never seen hail this size," said Wellman. "I've never seen this kind of damage."

Locals said they were happy no one was hurt by the hail, but hope a storm like that doesn't hit their area again anytime soon.

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