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East Middle School students 'Reimagine Binghamton' with ideas to revitalize the city

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Sixth grade students at East Middle School put their creativity to the test. They presented projects to city officials in hopes of improving Binghamton. 

They've been coming up with ways to create a brighter future for the city of Binghamton. The project is called "Reimagine Binghamton."

"It was a really big idea," said East Middle School Challenge Enrichment teacher Kim Sanford. "Last year we just had them look at an abandoned building and re-purpose it. This year it was kind of the sky's the limit."

Sixth grade student Samuel Armand created a project with the idea of helping adults receive an education. 

He proposed knocking down an abandoned building in the city and use that location for classes. 

"There are some parents who don't really get the chance because they come from like maybe different places where they don't have those kind of choices," he explained. 

He says he wants to make education simple for everyone. 

"Binghamton University and BOCES, they both help with those things, but they're not really focused on those things," explained Armand. "Like when you think about Binghamton University, you don't think about adult classes."

Armand and his classmates presented their final projects to city officials along with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce and the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator. 

"I thought they had great ideas," said Neighborhood and Youth Affairs Assistant for Binghamton Mayor Rich David, Megan Brockett. "I said at the end that I thought a lot of them were very forward thinking in their proposals. A lot of the stuff that the kids talk about were the stuff that we talk about all the time in city hall."

Students say they were hoping to impress the crowd. 

"That they can pretty much help me try to make this dream come true," added Armand. 

Fourteen students presented their projects Monday morning. 

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