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Indoor play place 'Kidz Kingdom' opens in Chenango

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TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) – Kids in the Southern Tier now have a new option for a fun day all year long. 

A new indoor play place has opened its doors in the town of Chenango. It's called Kidz Kingdom.

"Just wanted to do something for the community so that kids can have more places, more choices when the weather isn't that nice to have fun," said the co-owner of Kidz Kingdom, Liya Struchen. "We have a smaller bouncy house for younger kids and big bouncy house for a little bit older kids. We added a Foosball table and basketball hoops for older kids or adults."

The play place has been in development since last October and opened its doors for the first time on June 9. 

The owners say many families in the Southern Tier are very excited.

"People just leave me messages saying, 'We can't wait. We can't wait for you to open'," said Struchen.

The building is filled with plenty of places for kids to climb, slide and even to help toddler development.

"The Mickey Mouse work bench, it's really good to stimulate kids fine motor skills," said Struchen.

The building also has a stage with instruments to teach younger children about music.

"I'm already seeing a lot of parents show their kids how to play the guitar,” said Struchen.

The owners of Kidz Kingdom say the building is designed so kids can stay active which means there are no screens of any kind.

"With more and more kids so attached to the screens, it may not be good for their eyes or overall health so I believe kids should still have more time with their physical activities," said Struchen.

The owners also hope Kidz Kingdom will help children with their social skills.

"That's our goal to see people be interactive and see kids have fun with other kids," said Struchen.

Most importantly, the owners say Kidz Kingdom is a safe environment for children to have fun

"It is very rewarding to see kids smiling and have fun, especially when they come back. That's the best part of our day," said Struchen.

Kidz Kingdom is located on 1241 Upper Front Street at the Kost Plaza. It opens at 10 a.m., seven days a week.

For more information on Kidz Kingdom, go to their Facebook page.

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