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Eight-year-old surprises Tioga deputies with Girl Scout cookies

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OWEGO (WBNG) -- Last Tuesday morning the Tioga County Sheriff's Office received an unexpected sugary surprise. 

Eight-year-old Clover Weitsman of Vestal brought in Girl Scout cookies from her troop. 

"Cute as a button comes in and she brings gifts," said Tioga County Sheriff's Office Lt. Shawn Nalepa. "It's really nice to see the good part of people coming through and it really was actually fun having her in the office."

Lt. Nalepa and Lt. Rich Hallett have been working at the sheriff's office for decades. They say they see more bad than good.

But getting a sweet surprise from Weitsman makes their jobs all worth while. 

"It is just appreciated that you know somebody recognizes that the people here do work hard," said Hallett. "That they know we're here and that they do appreciate the fact that we are here for them."

Weitsman says her dad works in Owego and she regularly passes by the sheriff's office and wanted to make a difference. 

"As a thank you for everything that they do and for keeping us safe in the area," added Weitsman. 

She brought in 35 boxes of cookies, which were spread out within the different divisions in the office. 

"They were gone by the end of the day when we gave them to them," she said. 

Law enforcement officials within the patrol division especially liked the cookies. 

"They went though the cookies pretty fast and I think their uniforms are a little tighter this week than they were last," said Nalepa. 

Weitsman's act of kindness will go a long way. "It really made my day," said Nalepa. "It was nice of her and the whole troop. It was great."

Weitsman was also able to get a tour of the facility after she delivered the cookies. 

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