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New York representatives weigh in on North Korea summit

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(WBNG) -- Federal representatives in Washington, D.C. have weighed in on the meetings between President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un and what we can expect in the future. 

The two have begun the process of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. Details of how that will come to be have not been announced. 

12 News asked representatives from New York for reaction to the summit. 

"If the United States is unable to achieve lasting concrete concessions from North Korea the meeting alone will be a victory fro Kim Jong un and a defeat for President Trump," said U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D). "We remain supportive of American Diplomatic efforts in general, but are focused on significant substinent concerns with President Trump's preliminary arraignment with North Korea. We want to see these efforts succeed and ensure that what just transpired was not a reality show summit."

"As I have said, I am very grateful that President Trump is trying to find a diplomatic solution in North Korea and not a military one and so I am grateful he spent time there," said U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D). "Obviously he didn't put in the necessary planning time and lay the ground work as you would normal expect.I am grateful that he is seeking diplomacy for a solution for this problem and I will support his efforts and hope he is successful."

"We are seeing something that I think is a step in the right direction. I give the President and his team a lot of credit," said U.S. Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R). "I think it is the President's instincts and his business sense that have helped.I think the process has started and we don't know the end result. I think these first steps were very positive and I am hoping and I am optimistic that if we continue to keep the pressure on and keep the sanctions on we could have an amazing situation where we have a denuclearized North Korea."

In a statement to 12 News, U.S. Congressman Tom Reed (R) said: 

“President Trump offered Kim Jong-un a different path to the world stage. A path not even thought of by our former leaders - one of economic prosperity instead of failed nuclear destruction. While there is a long way to go to achieve verified denuclearization, I look forward to seeing North Korea become a free, prosperous and demilitarized state. However, if Kim Jong-un throws away this opportunity, it will mean the military destruction of his country and his death."

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