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All-Star Tim Tebow talks Home Run Derby and much more

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - The Binghamton Rumble Ponies returned to NYSEG Stadium on the Fourth of July to start a five-game series with the Erie SeaWolves. 12 Sports caught up with Tim Tebow for the first time since being named an Eastern League All-Star and talked to him about where the All-Star selection ranks in the top moments of his professional career, if he wanted to be in the Home Run Derby and what he expects the experience to be like in Trenton, New Jersey for the All-Star Game. 

On if he wanted to participate in the Eastern League Home Run Derby:

"There's a part of me that loves that competition and it would be fun," said Rumble Ponies outfielder Tim Tebow. "And I think there's another part of me that would love to be able to hang with my family that day."

On what he expects when he plays in his first professional baseball All-Star Game:

"I don't really know," said Tebow. "I've never really played in an All-Star baseball game like this, so it will be the first time for me. I think, honestly, my expectations will be to enjoy it and have a lot of fun and when I'm on the field, compete like I would do in anything."

On if being named an Eastern League All-Star has sunk in:

"I think it's a great honor, and it's a privilege," said Tebow. "Something I look forward to, but not necessarily something that I focus on, because honors are great and they can come and go, but we got a game (Wednesday) and we got more in the season and just have to continue to focus on the process."

On where being selected to a baseball All-Star Game ranks in his athletic career top moments:

"Coming back after not playing for 12 years definitely means a lot," said Tebow. "To definitely be able to try to improve at the game, but at the same time, there's a long way for me to go and continue to improve in a lot of different areas. I feel like we're making strides in that every week, series, sometimes game-to-game."

On what adjustments have clicked for him to have the longest prolonged stretch of success in his professional baseball career:

"There's a lot of different things, that we're working on," said Tebow. "I think just that technique is really helping and also the mind set of talking to Rojas, Rivera and (Valentino Pascucci) about how we're approaching different pitchers and being able to take that technique we're working on here with a game plan of how we're trying to adjust on the field."

Ponies manager Luis Rojas on if he is considering moving Tebow up in his batting order:

"Tim is hitting 8th, he's one of our hottest hitters," said Rumble Ponies manager Luis Rojas. "We have Mora, we have Levi, and they're kind of like scattered right now with some guys we know can hit. So yeah, Tim definitely will move up when we need it or when he does the match-up against a particular pitcher that we're facing."

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