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Rumble Ponies find offensive success with hitting coach Valentino Pascucci

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- The Binghamton Rumble Ponies have had two players that have already set career highs in homers this season. The man behind the offense, hitting coach, Valentino Pascucci.

Pascucci says there are three things you can measure your at-bats on.

"It's being on time is one, getting a good pitch to hit, and just squaring it up," said Binghamton hitting coach Valentino Pascucci.

Rumble Ponies Outfielder, Levi Michael, is one of two Ponies to set a career high in home runs before July. His approach stepping into the box is simple.

"I would say this year, more than any, I have tried to be aggressive early in counts," said Michael. "The first good pitch that I see in the zone, I'm trying to attack."

"When he gets out there, and gets a good pitch, he can run into one and drive it out of the ball park," Pascucci said. "He's had a couple big home runs for us with that, but I think he understands his job at the plate."

And with Pascucci it always goes back to his three simple rules.

"Being on time and squaring up a pitch. And if you do those three things you probably had a good at-bat," said Pascucci.

Pascucci, a former New York Met, has seen an evolution of the swing. From working down-hill for hard ground balls, to putting the ball in the air for a deep home run, he's seen it all. John Mora will probably be the next to set a new career high in home runs. He's already tied it with 5. 

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