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ESPN's Pedro Gomez visits Binghamton for Tim Tebow

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Longtime ESPN reporter Pedro Gomez visited Binghamton for the first time Sunday to interview Tim Tebow ahead of the Eastern League All-Star Game.

Here's what Gomez had to say about Tebow's success this season with the Rumble Ponies:

"I think a lot of people don't understand exactly how difficult it is what [Tebow's] doing. It's remarkable to think that this guy didn't play baseball for 11-12 years and picked up the game just two years ago again and has progressed to the point where he's hitting .270 in what is a very strong pitcher's league here in the Eastern League. [Tebow] made the all-star team. When you think of Michael Jordan being really a failure at baseball and what Tebow's doing, I think it's nothing short of remarkable, and it's great for the game."

Here's more from Gomez on if he thinks Tebow will get called up to the New York Mets this season:

"Really, if the Mets want to open up a spot on their 40-man roster and have him be a September call-up, they can. And maybe he'll prove over the next month and a half that he deserves it. If he were to be on the 40-man in September, I don't think it would be for road games. I think that if they did it, it would be at the start of a homestand, and I think it would create a lot of excitement and buzz, and let's face it, sell tickets. At the end of the day, every franchise is in it to make money."

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