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New antique mall opens in Tioga County

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CANTATONK (WBNG) – Bostwicks, a Tioga County business known for auctioning off priceless antiques, has officially been transformed into an antique mall.

The mall had its grand opening on Monday and already visitors are having a blast with items from the past.

"Catatonk doesn't have a lot, we don't even have a zip code but we have a mall," said the co-owner of Bostwicks, Laurie Bostwick.

The owners of Bostwicks on Owego Road say expanding from an auctioneer site into a antique mall is a dream come true.

"In 1994 I went to auctioneer school and I never dreamed it would go where it has gone. My husband and I are beyond blessed," said Bostwick.

The mall has 87 vendors from all over New York and Pennsylvania so far that are selling their priceless antiques.

"We've been coming to Bostwicks to their auctions for years, and what that means for us is now we don't have to carry the items that far. So after we buy, we can bring them here and sell them again," said the co-owner of Forest Hill Antiques and Collectibles, Steve Cruty.

The news of a mall even inspired some like the Sheehy family to start their own antique coin business.

"We were selling on EBAY before this time but with Bostwicks opening up the antique mall, we thought this was a good venue for us to sell the coins," said the co-owner of Catatonk Coins and Collectibles, John Sheehy.

So far, the Sheehys say it was a great choice.

"A lot of sales, it's been doing really well," said, co-owner of Catatonk Coins and Collectibles, Kitty Sheehy.

Kim's Diner located inside Bostwicks has also expanded to serve even more people.

“She can now do private catering for parties of about 50 people and then she sits about 80 in the regular diner part,” said Bostwick.

Bostwick says customers have come from all over the state and even from outside the country to shop at the new mall.

"We actually had people from Ontario yesterday that came and heard about it on Facebook and drove here from Ontario and they did buy a bunch of furniture. So, the word is out," said Bostwick.

Vendors says the mall is good for not just for business.

"I think it's going to grow the community. It's a great place for people to come and just visit with each other between the diner and meeting each other in here. It's kind of fun," said Kitty Sheehy.

Even though the word "Auctions" is no long in the name, the Bostwicks say they will continue to have their popular auctioning events.

Their first auction will be in a new building behind the mall and will be held on August 3. 

The mall is open Monday and Tuesday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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