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New York teen travels hours away to see Rumble Pony Tim Tebow play at NYSEG Stadium

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- There's a limited amount of time left to catch Tim Tebow playing baseball in Binghamton. 

Several fans soaked in every minute of Wednesday's game. The Rumble Ponies battled it out against the Portland Sea Dogs. 

Adrian Caron made the trip with his family to NYSEG Stadium for the first time just to see Tim Tebow play. 

He lives nearly three hours away in Clifton Park, New York. 

"We learned that Tim Tebow's family lives in Glen Kernan Golf and Country Club and that's where we were looking for houses for and I just became a big fan."

Caron says Tebow is his role model. "His books and stuff about baseball are so inspiring and he's just my favorite."

He also says he's hoping Tebow will play against his favorite Boston baseball team.

"I would love to see him go to the Mets and see him on the big field," said Caron. "Hopefully I'd love to see him play against the Red Sox one time. That would just mean the world."

Caron grew up playing baseball. "Family is big on baseball and I love it," he said.

He says number 15 Rumble Pony Tim Tebow is someone who has a positive influence in his life.

"You see how his football career didn't really work out but he still came back and tried baseball and how he's here and he might be playing for the Mets in a couple of years," explained Caron. "So that's just why."

He adds he'll be back again to the area to watch Tebow play. 

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