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Preble man displays Nazi flag outside home

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PREBLE, N.Y. (WBNG) – A Cortland County man is stirring up controversy by displaying a Nazi flag outside of his home.

Jody Fish lives on Route 11 in Preble and says he is a victim of electronic hacking but says no one is helping him.

Fish says he isn't racist but is using a Nazi flag to make his voice heard.

"Nobody will pay attention if it's anything else or want to hear my story or anything about it really, so it's a cry for help," said Fish.

Many people have even turned to local leaders and even law enforcement to get Fish to take the flag down.

"The town came to me and asked me to take it down and I told them I would love to. Can we do something about why it's up there and fixing it? And they said it's wasn't their governing body, so I didn't think the flag was either," said Fish.

12 News reached out to Preble leaders but have not yet heard back.

Posts of the flag have been shared on Facebook, sparking major backlash.

Shonei Schmoke from Auburn, New York, says she was disgusted by the sight of the Nazi flag.

"Whether it's on private property or not, the flag itself should be illegal," said Schmoke.

Schmoke started an online petition to take down the flag, getting more than 800 signatures in about a month.

"It shows me that people in the area and nationwide. I know it's kind of sweeping itself throughout the nation. [They] do actually care something about it and to speak up and says this isn't okay," said Schmoke.

However, Fish believes the petition is missing his message.

"It's all for the wrong reasons. They won't really listen to what it's about," said Fish.

Fish hopes the community can hear his side in a town meeting on August 13.

He says he is open to taking down the flag once his hacking problem is finally resolved.

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