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Apple Hills debuts first ever corn maze

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TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) -- Apple Hills Farm has been open since 1848 and this season, it's adding its first ever corn maze.

"We had a lot of requests for a corn maze, they say you build it and they will come, we're going to try that," said Apple Hills Co-Owner Joy Johnson

To get the perfect corn maze design, the farm went high tech. 

"The field isn't cut out, it's planted that way," said Johnson.

They used a company called Maze Play from Idaho to plant the corn.

"The tractor was guided by GPS," said Johnson, "and it was all computerized, so it planted it in the ground, in this design."

Then a few weeks later,  "[Johnson's husband] came and got me, saying come here, come here, come here, look! We had little baby corn plants, he was so excited," she said.

As of Tuesday those plants stand about seven or eight feet tall and are expected to grow even taller.

Johnson describes the field design as, "It's Johnny Appleseed, holding an apple and an apple tree."

No need to worry if you end up getting lost inside the maze.

"We will have a crew out there, they're called corn cops and they'll help you if you get displaced or frustrated, they'll help you get out," described Johnson.

If that doesn't work, she joked, "Yeah we'll find them in November."

The corn maze is all part of what Johnson calls "agri-tainment," or making farming fun.

"There will be a game in there, it's called farm scenes investigation, you have to figure out who did it, what they did it with and where they did it," said Johnson, a lot like the farming version of the game 'Clue.'

The maze is set to open on September 8, for more information, visit the Apple Hill's website here

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