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Flash floods strike New Albany, PA yet again

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NEW ALBANY, Pa (WBNG) -- Despite the fact that the borough flooded for the fourth time in under a month late Tuesday night, officials said New Albany will be just fine.

"We're working with the mayor of New Albany to try to remove the debris that was caused by the flood so we think we're in good shape, we just don't know where the rains will come next," said Jeff Scarboro, the Director of Public Safety for Bradford County.

Residents, however, were more wary.

"The town does what they can and they all come together to try to get it all cleaned up, but this could take weeks, months," said Heather Jenkins.

One of the main areas damaged was the bridge on Sayman Road, which was also damaged by flooding last Friday.

Scarboro said that predicting where the next floods will occur is not an exact science.

"We have a history of where the floods are going to occur so we try to focus on those areas. The problem is you just don't know where four inches of rain will be dumped in a matter of six hours," said Scarboro.

More rain is forecasted for the rest of the week, so residents are taking a wait-and-see approach toward the recovery process.

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