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Why a state of emergency was issued for Deposit

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DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- Late Tuesday afternoon, a storm moved right over the village of Deposit. The intense, heavy rainfall caused extreme flash flooding and a state of emergency to be issued for the village.

According to emergency officials, heavy rainfall came down in about a 40-minute time frame. The combination of saturated soils from previous rain and the hills right nearby the village, caused all of the flooding.

"Yesterday evening we started receiving reports of flash flooding in the Village of Deposit. They had reports of up to twelve inches of water running across the main streets in Deposit," said Broome County Office of Emergency Services Director Michael Ponticello.

Water came down the hills and overwhelmed the drainage system near the corner of Second Street and Church Street, where construction was currently taking place. Many of the pipes in areas of the village were too small and couldn't handle the large amount of water, leading to more flooding.

"A lot of rain in the course of 40 minutes. Basically all our drainage failed in the village. We had a foot and a half to two feet of water in the village on 2nd Street, Dean Street, Center Street, Marvin Street," said Deposit Mayor Bryan Moore.

With such dangerous road conditions and several structures with basement flooding, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar met with Ponticello and Moore and then declared the state of emergency to keep residents safe.

"We were, you know, surveying the damage and we were seeing roads that were in danger of being washed out. That were becoming dangerous," said Garnar.

Thankfully, the water has receded and crews of emergency officials have been cleaning up damage left behind all day Wednesday. The state of emergency is expected to be lifted Wednesday evening. 

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