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Delaware County family celebrates quadruplets' 10th birthday

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WALTON (WBNG) --  A family in Walton is not celebrating just one birthday on Wednesday, August 11; they're celebrating four. The Barnes family quadruplets are turning 10 years old. 

When Jessica Barnes first found out she was having four babies all at once, she said her initial reaction was, "Oh my gosh. Can we do this? How are we going to do this?" She said since finding out about the quadruplets, the family has received support from the community.

Two of the four quadruplets are on the autism spectrum, which makes their sisterly bond even stronger, according to Barnes.

"The two girls that aren't on the spectrum, you know, are able to accept people for what they are and how they were born."

Barnes said the girls are constantly teaching and helping one another, and that having so many sisters means the girls always have a friend.

"It's cool because you have someone to hangout with sometimes. They're there for you. They have your back," Maddison Barnes, one of the quadruplets, said.

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