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Train was hauling corrosive liquid, contaminated soil

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10:32 P.M. UPDATE:

DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- The Department of Environmental Conservation said the train that derailed Thursday morning had radioactive content on it. 

That radioactive content was in train cars that stayed upright, and did not spill.

The DEC said none of the content spilled into the Delaware River.

It also says the spill has since been contained. 

The train was also carrying cars with sulfuric acid, radioactive soils, and nonradioactive contaminated soil.

Thursday evening crews were working along the railroad tracks near Hale Eddy Road. 

The National Park Service said two locomotives were removed early Thursday afternoon. 

Employees from the New York Susquehanna and Western Railway say they were in the process of putting together rail ties. They say part of the train destroyed rail ties, making it almost impossible to drive on them. 

Thursday evening part of the train was able to move to Hancock. The other half is what crews still need to pick up.

Residents in the area say they saw the diesel fuel that landed into the Delaware River. 

"This woman stopped us and showed me some photos of geese up in the river that were covered in oil," said Jolene Smith of Hale Eddy. "So I went up this afternoon and found them a long the edge of the river and they were just covered from head to toe." 

At the time the train was traveling into Deposit the area was under a state of emergency.

Crews with the New York Susquehanna and Western Railway did not wish to speak on camera about this. 

12 News did reach out to their office in Cooperstown and were told no one would be available for an on-camera interview. 

Despite the derailment happening in Delaware county 12 News reached out to his office since the train was headed to the Binghamton area and Broome County had declared the state of emergency. 


6:00 P.M. UPDATE:

DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- Route 17 East between exits 83 and 84 are open as two lanes again. 

The cranes have arrived to Hale Eddy Road to start removing the derailed cars. State police said removing the derailed cars and clean up could take days.

The National Park Service have confirmed that 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel did spill from one locomotive. The Department of Environmental Conservation said the diesel fluid on the water is very thin and remains on the surface.

The National Park Service said two locomotives were extricated earlier this afternoon.

12:15 P.M. UPDATE:

The National Park Service is warning people to stay away from the Delaware River near Deposit because of the train derailment Thursday morning.

"New York Department of Environmental Conservation estimates up to 4000 gallons of diesel fuel leaked with a significant amount' having spilled into the river," according to the park service.

Park service officials say the diesel oil slick "has entered the main stem of the Delaware River and can be seen as far down as the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s Buckingham Access."

Authorities say Wednesday night's rain is pushing the diesel fuel down the river at a higher than normal rate.

"River users are advised not to come in contact with the water and swimming is not advised at this time," the park service said.

Property owners are asked to notify the National Park Service if they notice any fuel in pools and near or on the shoreline by calling Superintendent Kris Heister at 570-729-8251 ext. 2225.


10:58 A.M. UPDATE: 

DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- The New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway has released additional information about a train that derailed in Deposit early Thursday.

According to the company, the westbound train with 4 locomotives and 63 rail cars from New Jersey to Binghamton derailed at 2:01 a.m. west of Hale Eddy Road in the town of Deposit.

The NYS&W Railway says, "Both crew members are unharmed and there are no other injuries.  All four locomotives are derailed, the exact number of railcars derailed is yet to be determined.  None of the cars containing hazmat were derailed and there were no releases or spills of hazmat material.  There was one hazmat car containing corrosive liquid and thirteen containing contaminated soil.  There were two other commodities on the train, construction debris and non-hazmat soils.  All of the fuel from one of the locomotives has leaked from the fuel tank, a second locomotive had a fuel tank leak that was contained.  Of the 63 railcars, 38 are empty.  There are crews on the way to remove the derailed cars.  There is no estimate at this time on how long it will take to remove the derailed cars and open the line for rail traffic. The cause of the derailment appears to be from a washout from the recent storms."  

The NYS&W says it is cooperating with all state and local agencies on a full investigation of the derailment. 


10:15 A.M. UPDATE:

DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- New York State Police tell 12 News that the train was heading westbound coming from New Jersey to Binghamton.

Troopers say there were 59 cars and two locomotives on the train. 

State police say high river water washed out the rock and culvert under the track, derailing 16 train cars.

According to state police, the locomotives began leaking diesel fuel into a tributary that leads to the Delaware River.

Authorities say the train cars were hauling hazardous materials but say they don't pose a threat as they are not leaking.

State police say Route 17 eastbound between exits 83 and 84 will be down to one lane until at least Friday morning.

According to the New York State Department of Transportation, diesel fuel leaking into the west branch of the Delaware River poses no danger to the public's water supply.


8:00 A.M. UPDATE: 

DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- The Broome County Office of Emergency Services says diesel is leaking into the Delaware River, following the derailment of two train cars into the river. A hazmat team is responding.

The Department of Environmental Conservation says it's not very concerned about the environmental impact, as it is a small leak. 

Broome County officials say some area residents had to be evacuated.

A 12 News crew remains on the scene to continue learning more information. 


7:00 A.M. UPDATE:

DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- New York State Police tells 12 News the high river water washed out the rock and culvert under the track derailing the train.

Hancock EMS, Eastern Broome EMS, Deposit Fire, Hancock Fire, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS DEC Spill Response, and New York State Police all responded to the scene.


6:30 A.M. UPDATE

DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- Town of Hancock EMS tells 12 News two train cars that derailed are in the west branch of the Delaware river.

According to them, the engineers of the train are okay. 

A crane will be arriving around 11 a.m. to remove the two cars from the river.


DEPOSIT (WBNG) -- A train derailed in Deposit early Thursday morning, according to New York State Police.

They say it happened around 2:20 a.m. near the Hale Eddy area. 

According to police, it was a non-passenger train.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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