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Flood cleanup continues in Deposit

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DEPOSIT (WBNG) – After the heavy rain this week in Deposit caused a state of emergency for the village, cleanup is underway for the many roadways and even homes that were effected by the flooding.

"I was actually where the worst of it was coming home, it was just buckets of rain and within minutes every street was flooded," said Deposit Mayor Bryan Moore.

The massive rain flooded many roads in the Deposit area and even some homes.

"It was coming down so hard, it was so loud it sounded like someone was dumping pebbles on the roof but it was just rain," said Jeanne Tucker of Deposit.

Tucker says her basement was one of many in the area affected by the storm.

"Our foundation drain had collapsed so all that water found its way through the floor into our basement and we had five inches of water splashing around in our basement by the way we realized what was going on," said Tucker.

Tucker says while her basement only had minor damage, she says others in the area weren't so lucky.

"Downtown in Deposit there are people that I'm sure the main part of their homes got water," said Tucker.

Meanwhile, Mayor Moore says cleanup in the central part of the village is still in full force.

"Our DPW has basically been working around the clock, they've worked pretty much nonstop and we are getting pretty close," said Moore.

Mayor Moore added that the village has received help from Broome County and the New York State Department of Transportation to clean the roads.

The mayor says it's times like these that show the strength of the Deposit community.

"Our emergency services is top-notch, our DPW is top-notch and I couldn't be more proud of our community," said Moore.

The mayor says he hopes to have cleanup in the Village and town of Deposit finished by Monday.

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