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Hancock eel catcher concerned diesel spill will impact fish in Delaware River

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HANCOCK (WBNG) -- Ray Turner is the owner of Delaware Delicacies Smokehouse in Hancock and lives just miles away from where a train derailed in Deposit. 

Turner has appeared in national television programs for what he's most famous for, eel catching. 

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel landed into the Delaware River due to the train derailment. 

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Turner says the diesel could pose as a threat to the eels he tries to catch. 

"It could be a massive kill who knows," said Turner. "But it's on the west branch. Once it goes down in the main branch it's going to effect that too. So to be honest with you it's going to affect everything."

Turner has been catching eel for more than thirty years. His house sits in front of the East Delaware River.

He says he doesn't think the diesel will pose a concern where he lives but the eels that are impacted could eventually swim over to his area. 

"By the nature of the geography, that the oil spill up stream from, not up stream, I mean it is up stream. But it's on the west branch, which means it's not even this water shed. There shouldn't be any affect on what's happening here."

He says he's worried about what it might do to the eels. 

"It may have an impact on them because of whatever problems the diesel fuel will affect any or if all the species out there."

Turner says he thinks the spill will be more than just a short-term problem.

"I'm more concerned about the long-term effect," he explained. "What may happen to the ones that are downstream that may be affected by the oil."

He adds the only real problem he's had this year is dealing with the high water. 

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