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Resource officers join students in Broome County this school year

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BROOME COUNTY (WBNG) -- Jerry Mullins is one of 10 school resource officers that will be joining your children in Broome County hallways this academic year.

Mullins spent 29 years as an officer for the Vestal Police Department.

"Well I think for kids to be educated and well-educated they certainly have to be in a safe environment," said Mullins.

He completes what he calls a three-part safety puzzle.

"The schools have elaborate security systems in regards to cameras, single points of entry and bringing in somebody as a police officer in the school is that final piece in the structure of school safety," said Mullins.

The implementation of nearly a dozen school resource officers comes as a result of recent events.

"Just look at what's happened in the past, recent past in history obviously with school shootings " said Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell.    

The district attorney says he's received more and more requests for school resource officers since the project began.

"The main focus of the student resource officer should be those relationships with kids and I think if you establish those relationships with these kids it's going to be a much safer environment for them, you'll build trust with them, they'll be able to bring information to you and hopefully you can mitigate some of those serious situations," said Mullins.

Another benefit to the position is speed of response during a crisis.

"So I think when you look at it from that standpoint of a police officer actually being in the school setting, it cuts down the response time in case of a catastrophic event where an intruder is inside the school or some other factor where immediate response from police is required," said Mullins.

He describes a day in his shoes as, "I am in the hallways constantly, changing classes with all the kids trying to build relationships with them, I go to lunch with them in the cafeteria and just basically generally be part of their community."

Mullins adds yet another friendly face to the hallways as students go back to school.

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