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Binghamton City School District launches new attendance app

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – The Binghamton City School District has a new system in place to make sure students arrive to school safely.

They have launched a new attendance system on their new smart phone app called “SafeArrival.”

School officials say it's an easier way for parents to report when their child will be absent from school.

"When parents go into the app they can select a menu of reasons for their child being absent, so that allows us to be more responsive," said Binghamton City School District superintendent, Tonia Thompson.

School officials say the app is also a faster way to alert parents when a child does not show up to school.

"We will make, within a half hour or 45 minutes, an automated call that will go home to indicate the child is not there. So that's the safety aspect of it. We are communicating immediately through a single system that the child is not present and requesting the parent to notify us the reason why," said Thompson.

The district tested the SafeArrival earlier this year in two of their schools before starting expanding it to all of their schools.

"We received feedback in terms of the frequency of the calls and the automation of the calls and the use of the system to refine our communication with other families," said Thompson.

School officials believe this new way of communication between the school and parents will help keep students safe.

"Having multiple ways of reaching out to our families, whether that is posting on a website, through a push notification, through an app, through a letter and what is most important face-to-face communication. Each of those venues, if we are communicating across them, we know that we are reaching our families," said Thompson.

SafeArrival is not just available on a smartphone app. School officials say parents can access SafeArrival to report a child absence on the school's website and by phone.

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