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January 12, 2011 Updated Jan 12, 2011 at 7:59 PM EDT

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No doubt a few students, and teachers were disappointed to miss out on a snow day in what could have been a ski day.

We still hit the slopes though and help you get ready for your next trip to the slopes.

Today we visit Toggenburg mountain to show you how to better utilize your ski poles.

Hi I'm Nick Mir. I'm the rental shop manager here at Toggenburg Mountain. Today we're going to talk about the proper use of ski poles.

Before you hit the slopes here at Toggenburg, you definitely want to have the right equipment. One of the proper pieces of equipment for skiing is a ski pole.

The way to fit a ski pole is to flip it upside down. Just like this. You grab right underneath the basket and lay it on the ground in winter or makes a right angle you know you have the right size pool.

Another part is how to use the straps properly. If you hold the ski pole like this. You will put your hands through the strap, and then grasp down on the top.

This where you have leverage on the pole, and you don't have to hold on without the strap.

Poles are necessary for multiple reasons. When you are on flat ground, you can use them to push. That is sort of the obvious use of the pole.
But beyond that. They are used in proper skiing technique. Poles are used with pole plants in order to get yourself in the proper position.

Just like any other sport you want to be in the proper athletic stance when you're skiing.

Basically a pole plant is bringing your hands from here to here.
You just engage your turn.

In between the turn you'll be in a stance like this and you want to pole plant and get yourself up to a proper position, and you'll start the turn and that will help you be in a great position for a great turn.

We hope to see you here soon and here is how you can join us using the BNG bargains.

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