State: Local unemployment drops, private sector grows

By Conor Mooney

September 24, 2013 Updated Sep 25, 2013 at 1:06 AM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) The Greater Binghamton unemployment rate fell once again during the month of August, according to the New York State Department of Labor.

The Binghamton area's rate dropped from 8.7 percent in August 2012 to 7.5 in August of this year.

During that time, the total number of unemployed workers in the area went from 10,100, to 8,700.

Experts said that drop is attributed to growth in the private sector.

"I know statewide, as far as our private sector jobs count goes, we're actually at record highs. This month, in particular, is very robust growth, so, very promising," said Christian Harris of the New York State Department of Labor.

Locally, unemployment remained higher than the U.S. rate, which sat at 7.3 percent in the month of August.

"I think the strength nationally and statewide is eventually going to trickle into this local area here and we'll reap the benefits as well," Harris said. "I think we're finally catching up to what we've seen statewide and nationwide."