Ryan argues with Tea Party members

By Suzanne Proulx
By Dave Greber

October 4, 2013 Updated Oct 7, 2013 at 5:48 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Mayor Matt Ryan, a democrat, engaged Tea Party protestors and called them a fringe group that was solely responsible for government stalemate.

But Ryan wasn't the only person talking. In fact, he was loudly berated by members of the Norwich Tea Party Patriots.

Mayor Ryan released these statements:

"What happened today represents what’s wrong with our Country and Congress: Rude, disgruntled, and unreasonable individuals are holding our Country and Congress hostage. Debate, dialogue, and negotiations are not dirty words; it's what’s necessary to get things done.

"The Tea Party believes that anyone who disagrees with them has sinister and anti-American motives. This is what’s wrong with our Congress and our Country.

"I challenge Tea Party activists and elected officials to actually take part in respectful debate, dialogue and negotiations. Maybe if they did, we could have averted a government shutdown."

Norwich Tea Party Patriots, Coordinator, Gilda Ward released these statements Monday on the argument.

“The only "clash" came when Mayor Matt Ryan came over to us and started to verbally attack us. There was no reason for him to come over to us, since we were peacefully carrying signs and flags in protest of a national issue in front of Congressman Hanna's office. After coming over to us on the sidewalk, Mayor Ryan proceeded to attack our opinions and our tea party group and the tea party movement.”

“He refused to look at any literature that we had or discuss the issues, he chose instead to insult us and the tea party movement. We responded to his attacks. Mayor Ryan's actions were unprofessional and unnecessary. We were there to peacefully protest, which is an exercise of our First Amendment Rights. This had nothing to do with him or his office.”

“Mayor Ryan was simply engaging in ad hominem attacks upon a group of decent citizens who love their country. How can we be a "fringe group" and yet have the power to be "solely responsible for government stalemate"? That is not sensible! He is blaming the wrong people for the government shutdown! It is President Obama and Senator Harry Reid who have flat out refused to negotiate with the House Republicans to come to a compromise that would end the Partial Government Shutdown. Four times legislation was passed in the House and sent to the Senate to no avail. Each time, the House had asked for less in regards to Obamacare, but still saw no action from Sen. Harry Reid and the Senate. The Norwich Tea Party Patriots oppose the Affordable Health Care Act also called Obamacare.”