Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Leadership, confidence and self love are the ideas of the Girls World Expo. The event aims to bring young girls together and expose them to strong female leaders. "We try to have a little something for everybody," said Girls World founder Varinda Missett. "When they get together, there's a lot of support, a lot of energy, a lot of love in the room." The one-day event is sponsored by Visions Credit Union, WBNG and the CW. It's geared toward girls ages 11-18. Girls World recruits a team of locals girls to help plan each year's event. 16-year-old Kaitlyn Jackson was the chairperson for this year's event. "They should be comfortable in their own bodies and be confident in themselves," said Jackson. A college and career fair was on hand, along with live entertainment and local vendors. Young girls even got some financial tips that will help them prepare for future success. "In most households, women do take charge of finances. They make sure the bills are paid. They make sure the household is run," said Colleen Barton, education coordinator at Visions Credit Union. "Whether they're working in the home or outside the home." Seminars and speakers explored issues that teen girls often face: relationships, bullying and body image. "I take a lot from it. I love seeing all these girls, and how happy they are when they're here and when they leave the event," said Jackson. "It's just such a great experience for everybody."