Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Voters will hit the polls in a little more than a month, and among the biggest decisions on the ballot this year is the race for the state's 52nd Senate district. On Tuesday, incumbent Republican Senator Tom Libous and Democrat challenger Anndrea Starzak squared off in their first debate, hosted by the Binghamton Rotary Club. At the debate, the club prepared four questions for the candidates, who each had three minutes to respond. The questions included what the candidates would do if they were elected or re-elected, and what they believe is the biggest issue facing this district. "I think the greatest problem here in our senate district of New York State is three words: Job, jobs, jobs," Starzak said. "Our unemployment numbers have gone down 16 percent, that's 20,000 jobs lost." "I don't think there's any one greatest problem. I think in order to do this job properly, you have to look at a multitude of things," Libous said. "My overall goal has always been to make the next generation a little bit better and give them hope and opportunity." The debate was closed to the public, and lasted for about an hour.