What you need to know about the proposals on the ballot in New York this year

Early voting begins Wednesday in Ohio for the Nov. 6 general election. (Photo: FOX19 NOW/file)
Early voting begins Wednesday in Ohio for the Nov. 6 general election. (Photo: FOX19 NOW/file)(Photo: FOX19)
Published: Oct. 25, 2021 at 6:08 PM EDT
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(WBNG) -- There are five statewide proposals on the ballot in the Empire State this November, ranging from elections to the environment and New York City courts.

According to the state Boards of Election website, there may be local iniatives also on the ballot, but across New York voters will have say on these five proposals:

  • Proposal Number One would affect the state’s legislative branch. Specifically, the proposal would cap the number of state senators at its current level, 63. It would also include non-citizen residents in population counts and have a major impact on redistricting. The proposal would amend and repeal portions of the 2014 amendment to the NY Constitution that created the current redistricting committee; this would change what votes are necessary to advance redistricting proposals, while also changing how district lines are drawn.
  • Proposal Number Two would codify the right of NY residents to ‘clean air and water and a healthful environment’.
  • Proposal Number Three would eliminate the state’s ten-day-in-advance requirement to register voters; in practice, this would potentially allow for the same-day registration of voters.
  • Proposal Number Four would authorize no-excuse absentee voting for all elections; before the rules were temporarily changed during the pandemic, voters would need an eligible reason to be able to vote via absentee ballots.
  • Proposal Number Five would expand the jurisdiction of New York City’s civil courts to hear cases and decide claims of up to $50,000, doubling the current limit of $25,000.

For more information on these proposals, click here.