Southern Tier Tuesdays: Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary awarded $2,000 grant

Updated: Oct. 12, 2021 at 1:14 PM EDT
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(WBNG) -- Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary is this week’s winner of a $2,000 grant from Upstate Shredding through Southern Tier Tuesdays.

Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit dedicated to caring for all animals large and small, many of which have been left abandoned, neglected, and abused. Founder Willow Sullivan said they provide a lifetime home for the animals that they take in.

“We are a home for life sanctuary for sick, old, and disabled animals,” Sullivan said. “We basically take in the animals and offer them a lifetime home they are animals that have usually been discarded they’re either seniors, they have severe medical problems some of them are paralyzed, some are special needs and it’s animals that might be a little harder for the average person to manage.”

Willow’s Wings is a farm home sanctuary so they offer homes to many different animals.

“We have dogs, cats, a few rabbits, a chinchilla, a tortoise, and on the farm itself we have some alpacas and we just took in a Cushings pony from a cruelty case,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said the grant will go towards paying for outstanding medical bills.

“This grant will go directly towards our medical bills,” Sullivan said. “When you take in special needs animals like we do they have much more extensive medical bills, they need a little bit more testing especially the senior dogs so this is going to go directly towards that, it’s a godsend.”

To get in contact with Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary you can go to their website by following this link.

Southern Tier Tuesdays is a philanthropic endeavor of Adam Weitsman, owner of Upstate Shredding, and his daughter, Clover. For more information or to nominate a Southern Tier non-profit go to