Norwich school building to celebrate 125th anniversary

Chenango County Historical Society celebrates 125 years
Chenango County Historical Society celebrates 125 years(WBNG 12 News)
Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 5:30 AM EST
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NORWICH, N.Y. (WBNG) -- In the late 1890′s, the Ward No. 2 School opened its doors for children around the Norwich area. According to the Director of the Chenango County Historical Society Jessica Moquin, it was one of many in the area.

“The City of Norwich is divided into 5 sections they’re called wards so at the time the system was implemented every one of the wards had an elementary school and they were repurposed over the years as education has changed.”

In 1958 the building was acquired by the city, and immediately underwent renovations. Moquin says something interesting about the building is that the same architect was used to build all of the ward schools, but building No. 2 has an identical twin just across town.

“We are Ward School No. 2 but there is another ward school literally our mirror image, it’s the same structure just on the other side of the town so if you had a map of the City of Norwich and you folded it in half it’s like a mirror.”

By 1962 the building was finally opened as the home for the Chenango County Historical Society and has stayed that way for many years. The weekend of Nov. 21, the organization is hosting a small celebration to honor its 125th Anniversary. Moquin says she enjoys working in a building that holds so much history.

“We really want to pay tribute to the people that were here before us and to you know, shine a light on the legacy of the people who came before us...really just feeling a sense of pride of place of Chenango County and the fact that this space is dedicated to preserving that legacy.”

The event is sold out, however, if the public would like to wish the building a ‘Happy Birthday’, the Ward No. 2 School will be illuminated Sunday, Nov. 21st from dusk until 9:00 PM.