State Department of Transportation gives driving tips ahead of winter

Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 8:55 AM EST
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(WBNG) -- As the weather gets colder and snow and ice start sticking to the ground making driving more difficult, officials warn that it’s important to go over winter driving tips.

The New York State Department of Transportation is reminding people that this is the time of the year to bring your car in to get a maintenance check and all fluids topped off.

Officials also recommend having winter tires that are in good shape, but they say all-weather tires work as well.

Public Information Specialist of Region 9, Scott Cook says the most important item to make sure you have in your car is a snow emergency kit.

“With a blanket, make sure your cell phone is charged, make sure you have a charger, maybe a little snack, flashlight, things like that in the car.”

The NYSDOT also says if you come across a road that hasn’t been plowed yet, it might be best to stay patient and wait for a plow to come.