Wind Energy Project in Chenango Co. moves forward

Town of Guilford NY sign. Town will be erecting windmills later this year.
Town of Guilford NY sign. Town will be erecting windmills later this year.(WBNG 12 News)
Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 5:46 PM EST
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GUILFORD, N.Y. (WBNG) -- Residents in Guilford are now gearing up for a new installation in their town. The High Bridge Wind Energy Project will bring wind turbines to the area.

For some, like Town Supervisor George Seneck, he says this is a sign of progress. He mentions Guilford passed a resolution to a host agreement which is something he considers good financial news for the area.

“That agreement will provide $400,000 a year up to the town for the next 30 years along with a 2% inflation index in addition to that we will receive 10% of the PILOT payment through the county IDA.”

He says when it comes to the reaction from the town -- opinions are split.

“Certainly there are concerns from people who go up with this regarding health and noise damage to wildlife and so forth and then we have all the residence who think they’re just graceful and beautiful and can’t wait to see them go up.”

Some residents expressed concern about the project, others came together to form the ‘Guilford Coalition of Non-Participating Residents’. Jennifer Caci is one of the founding members, and says they want to send a clear message on their stance.

“None of us are against green energy everybody wants to help with climate change.”

Caci says some of the group’s concerns are with how the project is being approached, and some of the factors that come with hosting wind turbines such as the noise pollution, something she says she will continue to work on.

“...but there are New York State laws how to protect us of the noise cause of a certain amount if it goes up 20 db (decibels) are more but order to tap into that you have to have baseline readings...”

The other founding member to the coalition, Bill Pratt, says because the PILOT has already been approved, their battle is over. He adds that their dedication to help the Guilford community will not end though.

“The people of the non-participating residents have lost the war so we’re gonna do what we can to be a presence for the local community and the citizens and will be here to answer peoples questions or to maybe provide research and assistance in solving their issues.”