‘Gather Together’ with the Tri-Cities Opera for a musical potluck

Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 3:11 PM EST
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(WBNG) -- The Tri-Cities Opera is offering a free streaming concert “Gather Together: A Musical Potluck” for the month of December.

In the spirit of the season this holiday special is a joyful reminder that across all cultures and most holidays, people celebrate by assembling with friends and family. General Director John Rozzoni said Tri-Cities Opera performers will each be offering up a musical “dish-to-pass.”

“We wanted something that was really fun and inclusive so we came up with the idea that across all cultures and most holidays people celebrate by coming together, feasting, and enjoying food with family and friends so we used that as the template to create this event” Rozzoni said. “We have our hosts Tesia Kwarteng and Jake Stamatis who are both resident artist alumni from Tri-Cities Opera and a whole slew of other wonderful singers who have been involved with us over the years to offer a musical dish to pass.”

Rozzoni said “Gather Together: A Musical Potluck” will premiere Dec. 5

“We premiere this Sunday at 3 p.m. and registration is at Tri-Cities Opera and it runs actually for free all the way through Dec. 31 and it can be accessed through our website,” Rozzoni said.

Rozzoni said the musical selection corresponds with the different courses of a meal.

“Our hosts are coming together to prepare this holiday feast and as they focus on the turkey, or a side dish, and cookies we have a musical selection that corresponds,” Rozzoni said. “It’s a lot of food themed music but other music as well that corresponds with the different courses of a meal or the preparation of a meal. It’s really cute and it’s really fun.”

To view the premiere, you can register online up until Dec. 5

“This is our little thank you note to our community for their support over the past year in a fun and festive way,” Rozzoni said.