Finding the Good: A love for drawing and the Buffalo Bills

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Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 3:11 PM EST
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Owego (WBNG) -- For Owego-Apalachin 6th grader Graysen Ripic, the Buffalo Bills and drawing has always been a big part of his life.

“I have a short pencil that’s like an inch long and I just put it in my mouth and write with it,” Graysen explained.

Graysen has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, or AMC, a rare medical condition that prevents him from using his arms and legs. So he draws with his mouth. And recently he combined two of the things he loves, creating a drawing of the Buffalo Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen.

“Well, I drew it because I like Buffalo, and Josh is my favorite player.”

The drawing was shared on Facebook by Graysen’s teacher Amy Palmer and it went viral. With thousands of people sharing his artwork. As luck would have it, that picture impressed the right people because the next week Graysen found himself at his first Buffalo Bills game with his mom.

“I was happy because it was the real thing and I didn’t have to watch it on a tv.”

Even if it was a little chilly --

“It was freezing, freezing cold. But I was happy we were there though and I was happy when kickoff started.”

Graysen’s mom says the support has been incredible.

“I think sometimes in our struggles in the day-to-day, with everything that’s transpired with surgical complications, we kind of lose sight to the things that are excited...because it’s hard you know? And for so many people to support him, it’s appreciated,” said Jeanni Midolo, Graysen’s Mom

Through it all, Graysen remains humble.

“You would expect that his reaction to all of this would be excited, ‘look what I can do, people see it.’ And he’s really been unemotional about it because to him, he doesn’t know what all the hype is because he’s just drawing a photo, he’s just driving his chair, this is just normal. And he really is. And i hate to take any credit for him being wonderful because i would just do what any other mother would do if they had a child like him.”

They had one last thing to say as our conversation came to an end...

“Go Bills!”

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