11 Binghamton properties could be demolished in $2.9M flood-mitigation plan

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 12:18 PM EST
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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- A plan will have 11 flood-prone properties on Court Street in Binghamton demolished as part of a $2.9 million east side flood mitigation project.

The plan will use $2.2 million in funding from FEMA and $720,000 from the city to purchase 12 properties from interested and eligible owners. City officials noted that participation in the project is voluntary.

Eleven of the 12 properties contain a mix of commercial structures and paved areas that will be demolished and transformed into permanent green space in the city. The city said new trees and grass will help mitigate flash flooding and create a buffer that will help protect other properties on the East Side from flooding.

The other parcel is a wooded area near the Susquehanna River that will improve access to a stormwater outfall for maintenance and debris removal.

“This project will make East Side neighborhoods more resilient to flooding and provide much-needed relief to Upper Court Street property owners whose businesses sit in the floodplain and have been inundated with stormwater in recent years,” said Mayor Kraham. “It will also transform and beautify a major gateway into the City of Binghamton.”

The 12 properties planned for demolition where applicable after acquisition are:

  • 400 Court St.
  • 428 Court St.
  • 440 Court St.
  • 444 Court St.
  • 447 Court St.
  • 448.5 Court St.
  • 450 Court St.
  • 470 Court St.
  • 472 Court St.
  • 472R Court St.
  • 498 Court St.
  • 500 Court St.

The city demolished 15 properties in 2018 with FEMA funding. Several of those properties were then leased to VINES, or Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments, for its Urban Farm.