Hartwick College offers $140K scholarship to incoming ‘hero’ nursing students

A picture of the school from 2011
A picture of the school from 2011(WBNG)
Published: Jan. 24, 2022 at 5:52 PM EST
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ONEONTA (WBNG) -- After more than 80 years of success, Hartwick College decided it needed to launch its nursing program into the future.

The school announced the creation of the Hartwick Heroes Award, a scholarship specifically for incoming nursing students; all accepted students will receive a minimum scholarship of $35K a year to offset tuition costs for up to four years, a potential total of $140K.

School administrators told 12 News Monday they believe Hartwick plays a vital role in the Otsego County community and beyond, and added this new scholarship will help not only new students but local residents as well.

“It’s critically important we are investing in the critical needs of our communities, which is healthcare, and I think the pandemic has shown public health concerns, our local department of health and our local hospitals and our local healthcare providers are going to continue to need the next generation,” said Karen McGrath, Senior Vice President of Enrollment and student success for the college.

McGrath said so far this only affects students accepted into the Fall ‘22 nursing program, and the scholarship will not be applied retroactively to students currently in the program.

She said the Hartwick Heroes Award will be evaluated at the end of its first year, and changes could be made or the program expanded based on its effectiveness.